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From Kayla Miner, NY Summer 2014:

NavYouth is a year-round ministry to high school students based out of Columbia, MD. You can come visit or volunteer any time — but it’s during the summer that things really get exciting! The students are out of school, which opens doors to weeks full of adventure, camping trips, game nights, Bible study, sports, frolicking and friendship-building. This is where NavYouth summer interns come in, joining full-time staff and dedicated volunteers to point high schoolers to Jesus. At NavYouth, genuine friendships are contagious. If you have a heart for teens and want to learn about youth ministry firsthand, prayerfully consider becoming a NavYouth intern this summer!

From Dominique Copes, NY Summer 2014:

What God did this summer:
During the summer of 2014, I interned with Nav Youth in Columbia, Md. God used this summer to grow me so many ways. I never thought I could be stretched so far in my faith. This past summer was full of fun times spiritually and relationally. Relationally, I got the chance to get to know kids that I’ve never would have had the chance to meet. Working with the students was so inspiring. The students have such a thirst for knowing God and his son! We went on a camping trip were I got to rap about Jesus (and his determination to do the Father’s will) in a bathroom late into the nigh with some of the teen girls. We went to an Orioles game and got rained on! In addition, I was discipled by Dick Stum, Don and DeAnn Fraser. We studied the Master Plan and the core values of the Navigators. Working with the staff, the other interns, and volunteers, I was surround by such a loving community. Through the study we examined the strategic ways Jesus sought out and guided his disciples and the values that makes The Navigators who they are. The most challenging part of the summer was that I got a chance to give a talk to the teens about God’s grace! I was so nervous but little did I know that God was going turn my world upside down. He knew I need to dig into his word to deconstruct my perspective of his precious grace. In summary, God has used this summer to bring me to my knees for full dependence on him. Wow, who knew what God could do just from a game of corn hole?

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